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Performance Graded (PG) Binders

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Worker Safety & Job-Site Emissions
Lowering pavement placement temperatures, the jobsite becomes a more comfortable odor-free working environment increasing worker productivity.

Easier Compaction
Mixes made with Evotherm consistently achieve roadway densities more easily than conventional HMA even in cooler weather.

Longer Lasting Roads
Paving with Evotherm at lower temperatures reduces binder aging. Materials testing has proven that Evotherm warm mix asphalt has potentially 7+ years of additional service life compared to conventional hot mix.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Fuel Savings
Lower mixing temperatures up to 80 degrees fahrenheit
Reduce fuel usage 30 – 60 percent

Increased RAP Useage
Evotherm treated binders experience less oxidation than conventional mixes allowing up to 35% RAP.

Easy to Use
Evotherm 3G is a liquid additive, you simply contact H.G. Meigs to place an order, we will blend it with your current PG grade of liquid asphalt at our terminal prior to delivery or Evotherm 3G can be added inline at your asphalt plant.

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