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Performance Graded (PG) Binders

  Performance Graded (PG) Binders

PG asphalt binders are normally used for production of hot mixed asphalt concrete (HMA). The PG graded asphalt binder is given a name that defines its usable temperature range. The first number in the name refers to the highest temperature at which the pavement will reasonably resist rutting. The number is in degrees Celsius, and is based on a seven day average pavement temperature. Keep in mind that the black pavement will absorb heat from the sun, resulting in a higher pavement temperature than air temperature. The second number of the PG name refers to the one day low temperature at which the pavement is designed to withstand loading without cracking.

H.G. Meigs’ selection of PG Graded Binders and services can help you construct long lasting and superior performing pavements. Whether it’s a street, highway or parking lot we have the materials to meet your needs.

We have various PG Graded Binders available the most popular of which include:

PG Graded Binders*
PG 64-22
PG 58-22
PG 58-28

*Other grades of binders are available.

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