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Henry G. Meigs Incorporated, named after its founder, was formed in 1935. Henry Meigs had been involved in the rail car sales of asphalt products for a number of years. He soon recognized the need of truck versus rail car delivery of these products for his customers. He wanted to provide this better mode of service, and therefore the concept of our first terminal was born. This was Henry’s dream and he persevered in the face of advice from his many friends and associates that the risks were too high to undertake such a gamble for a man who was 67 years old.

Investing all of his savings and borrowing all that he could, Henry built the first terminal in 1950 at Waukesha Wisconsin. This terminal was the only one of its day that had the ability to accept delivery of asphalt by rail and ship by truck to the customer’s job site. The Waukesha terminal consisted of essentially the same equipment we use today, except it was constructed on a much smaller scale. Once constructed, the total storage capacity of this terminal was 60,000 gallons.

The wisdom and foresight of our founder had been proven. Truck delivery of asphalt had gained rapid popularity among his customers. Henry Meigs used his exceptional ability to sell, and his stature as the respected dean of his industry to promote this new mode of delivery. The need became apparent to construct a terminal in a location more central to his rapidly expanding marketing area.

In 1953, Portage was selected for the new location because it was a switching center on the main line of a major railroad and the hub of three main highways. After it’s completion, this terminal had a storage capacity for 90,000 gallons of asphalt cement. Four employees operated this terminal around the clock during its first season. Two trucking companies were used for the delivery of asphalt to insure customers would receive their loads on time. Later that same year the Waukesha terminal was sold.

Our market continued to expand during the next three years and in 1956 the next terminal was built in Abbotsford Wisconsin. This new terminal further enlarged the area that could be serviced by our truck shipments. The Abbotsford terminal had a storage capacity of 75,000 gallons and employed a total of three employees. Again, to make sure customers received their loads on time, two trucking companies were utilized.

Over the ensuing years both the Portage and Abbotsford terminals have undergone several changes, and neither terminal resembles what they looked like when they were first constructed. Since 1953, the storage capacity at the Portage terminal has grown to 7.8 million gallons.

The Abbotsford terminal, since 1956, has grown to a total storage capacity of 5.1 million gallons. Many other changes have occurred beyond a growth in storage capacities. Each terminal now has an emulsion mill to produce several different types of emulsions, which in the 1950’s was a process that did not even exist.

In 2007 Henry G. Meigs, LLC acquired the Eau Claire Terminal from Marathon Petroleum Company. This acquisition further strengthened their ability to supply the upper Midwest network of customers. The Eau Claire Terminal, built in the 1980’s with over 700,000 gallons of storage capacity, offers many of the same quality products as both Portage and Abbotsford.

One of the most significant changes made by Henry G. Meigs, LLC, was the addition of it’s own truck fleet. In 1969, after having been serviced by other trucking firms, the company decided to buy their own. By doing so, it would allow more control over scheduling of deliveries and the services provided to the customer. This truck fleet has grown from just a handful in 1969 to over 50 units and is still growing. Henry G. Meigs LLC still remains the only company in our market area that has it’s own dedicated truck fleet, now known as Meigs Trucking Incorporated.

Our dispatchers and plant operators work around the clock scheduling and loading orders that have been placed. Everyone knows the importance of making sure the customer receives their orders correctly, and on time. Dispatchers, plant operators, and drivers alike, all pride themselves on meeting the challenges that are presented to them daily. Throughout it all, they never compromise the standards that have been set for the quality of service and products delivered.

From the time asphalt is received at our terminals by rail, to when it’s shipped to our customers, samples are continually collected and tested. This testing takes place in an AMRL accredited laboratory, known as Asphalt Technologies Group, which is furnished with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. At Henry G. Meigs LLC quality in all of our products is paramount, therefore we place a high priority on maintaining strict testing schedules and criteria to insure that our customers receive the highest quality asphalt products, such as emulsions and paving cements.

Henry G. Meigs LLC believes that at the root of all of our successes are our employees. We regularly conduct training seminars that deal with topics ranging from customer service to safety. It is the desire of the company to provide the employees with the knowledge and tools they need to help them safely and successfully perform their jobs. Our commitment to that is evident through newsletters, handouts, and signs that appear throughout our terminals.

The wisdom, courage, and talents of our founder, Henry Meigs has provided us the foundation on which we continue to build. He was dedicated to his mission of providing Wisconsin’s road builders with unexcelled quality and service. This doctrine remains as a major factor in our formula for success. It is the objective of the company and it’s management to be the preferred supplier in the eyes of our customers.

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