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      Calculating Warm Mix Asphalt
using Evotherm 3G
      (Enter information in
RED cells ONLY)
Tons of Warm Mix being Produced  
Percent of Asphalt Cement (AC)  
Percent of Evotherm 3G
(.005% for Virgin Mixes)
Pounds of Evotherm Needed  
Tons of Asphalt Cement
(PG 58 -28) Needed
Warm Mix Asphalt when
using RAP in the Mix
Percent of RAP in Mix  
Percent of Asphalt Cement in RAP  
Percent of Asphalt Cement
contibuted from RAP
Percent of Virgin
Asphalt Cement (AC) in Mix
Evotherm 3G needed in
Asphalt Cement (AC) using RAP
Tons of Asphalt Cement
(PG 58 -28) Needed

    EVOTHERM Warm Mix
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